Ten funny pictures that’s gonna brighten your day!

One day without laughter slips us between the fingers and is lost forever. This may sound like something a philosopher has mumbled, but scientists have proven that Cerebrala Cortex, in some magic way, releases electrical impulses a second after we start laughing. Therefore, we’re certain that checking out the funny pictures below is gonna make you feel good!

It may sound like mumble jumble, that thing with “Cerebrala Cortex”, but to make it easy: When you laugh, millions of tiny things (called endorphins) are released in your body and these tiny things spreads a feeling of well-being throughout your body. Capiche?

So we truly hope that these funny pictures will make your day a little better 🙂

If cuteness could kill

That feeling…

We all need something nice to look at

I’m always ready for the worst

Sorry master…

Poor Edna

The moment of realization

Probably the best day of the year

I know that feeling

This is why we have trust issues

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