Looking for a good laugh? Here are 11 funny pictures to help you find it!

How many times do you laugh a day? Did you know that smiles and laughs make you happier, healthier, creative and less stressed? We simply feel better, both physically and mentally, when we laugh. When we laugh, the body’s internal organs are massaged, oxygen uptake is increasing, blood circulation is stimulated and the heart beats faster.

When we laugh, the body also produces hormones that suppress stress, anxiety and pain and increase well-being. Therefore, our stress resistance increases and the immune system is strengthened by a laugh (h/t).

At VERYFUNNYPICS.EU we love to spread joy, laughter and prosperity! Below you will find today’s contribution to your well-being in the form of funny pictures 🙂

That feeling

A good advice


It’s always the cat…

Every dog lovers favorite play

Books are not for everyone

Keep the dream alive!

Thank god for surgeons

We’ve all been there

That feeling

Pay attention to the signals of life

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