Meet Aristo-Cat (10 pictures)

Funny Picture - Aristocat-Reginald, open the door i wish to stare outsideFunny Picture - Aristocat-Jenkins you may retire for the evening im going to maniacally run around the house in the dark for a few hours

Funny Picture - Aristocat-I am not racist som of my best slaves are black

Funny Picture - Aristocat-What did one poor person say to the other poor person who cares

Funny Picture - Aristocat-Poverty is a lazy mans problem

Funny Picture - Aristocat-Jenkins by me an expensive cat bed i'd like to sleep in the box it came in

Funny Picture - Aristocat-i can haz cheezeburger get a job

Funny Picture - Aristocat-Geoffrey bring the car around i want to sleep under it

Funny Picture - Aristocat-Jeeves place my pen on the desk i want to knock it to the floor

Funny Picture - Aristocat-Jenkins fetch me that red dot on the wall

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