VIDEO: Finally someone’s come up with the perfect method to lose weight!

There are several methods to lose weight and many of us have tried everything from the Paleolithic diet diet to the 5:2 diet. There are thousands of diets and thousands of variants of these and most of them actually work very well.

Loosing a few pounds is not very hard. It is to maintain the new weight that can be difficult and this is something most people know about.

The guy in this funny video seems to have come up with what Weight Watchers, researchers and scientists have failed to do – combining good, unhealthy food, with weight loss 😉

If it works? Probably not in the long run, but we know for sure that a good laugh makes EVERYTHING easier, so please share this with your friends who decided to try to lose a few pounds 🙂

H/T: Serge Ibaka

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