A classic joke about the ants who decided to beat up an elephant

One upon a time, there was an ant hill were the ants would work hard every day making little houses for themselves, and every week an elephant would pass by and step on the little hill and destroy it.

The ants got tired of this happening so they decided to have a meeting about it. In the meeting the leader ant said:
– Fellow ants, as you all know we are here to discuss what we can do about the elephant!

One of the ants raised his hand and yelled:
– I have a plan, I have a plan!

Go ahead, what’s your plan? Asked the leader.

– Ok, this is what we’ll do, said the ant with the idea.  Next week when the elephant passes by and before he steps on our hill, we all jump on him and beat him up – that should teach him a lesson!

The following week they waited for the elephant.

– He’s coming, he’s coming! Said the little ant who came up with the plan.

– Ok this is it,  the leader ant yelled. JUMP ON HIM!

So all the little ants jumped on the huge elephant. But when the elephant just shook them all off.  All except for one.

The ants that were on the ground saw the only reamining ant that was on the elephant’s neck, and they all yelled out:


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